Monet Woody

Director Of Marketing Division

If you were a match, what is it that will keep you a flame? Witnessing people come alive after revealing their authentic personality sparked Monet Woody to be a marketing strategist with a sweet spot for social media. 

In 2013, after reading an ad on Google, Monet Woody began learning about how to market to local small businesses on social media. Her freelancing career started as a social media manager for small businesses during her senior year at Virginia Commonwealth University. 

Well into her freelancing career, Monet recognized constant challenges that the small businesses faced when using social media: the inability to monetize, build online relationships with ideal clients and the inability to grow an online community. Her solution — getting to the owner’s root for starting their business and turn it into their brand’s story; sharing with client’s how their brand is a problem solver.

Since 2013, Monet Woody has helped over 200 local businesses through workshops hosted at local churches, conference, business retreat and Henrico County Public Libraries. She, also, helped a small business owner increase their Facebook following, organically, over 2000% and helped small businesses monetize their social media channels with at least a 10% ROI. Monet’s most recent workshops were in 2018 at The Red Pump Nation Conference and at the 2019 Red Pump Nation’s Business Retreat. In the Spring of 2019, Monet Woody taught the students of the TRIO-Student Support Services Program at Virginia Union University on how to build authentic professional relationships using social media.

No longer just freelancing as a social media manager, Monet Woody will be debuting her marketing company; Purple-Pond to further help business owners develop an authentic brand personality to attract their ideal client on social media and help give them their time back to focus on areas within their business that they thrive in the most by managing their social media channels. 

Born, raised and currently in Richmond, VA, whenever Monet is not on social media, she enjoys building her other company; The Village Project, watching horror movies, swimming, running 10K’s and half-marathons and laughing at a good joke until she can’t breathe!